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About Us
Reso Interactive is dedicated developing new tools for diverse types of relationships: couples, families, and friends.


   2004: We initially started our project in Switzerland. Our first objective was to find a new way to strengthen the communication within a    couple. This time period was a seed of creativity, observation, and initial research.

   2005: The first prototypes were tested by couples among friends and contacts. We also decided to found a club in order to attract more    people and competences. We also used a similar system for clinical trials in our scientific approach.

   2006: Development continued with new trials and technical improvements. A product line with different levels of communication was    tested.

   2007: The Company developed its activities in the United States. We started researching and developing web 2.0 competences.

   2008: Creation of prototypes dedicated to families started at the beginning of 2008. Relationship tools for couples were launched in the    U.S. market.


   We will continue:
     • To improve our current product lines
     • To share our results with scientists and people interested in human interaction
     • To take opportunities by conducting research in unexplored fields
     • To create efficiently innovative products
     • To take opportunities in a changing world
     • To develop our activities internationally.


   We believe in:
     • Excellent quality & high performance in all processes that we develop.
     • Humanity with its strengths and its weaknesses.
     • Better perception   of human interactions
     • Improvement among people without teaching any lessons
     • Combing sociology, psychological tools, and high technology
     • Humor as facilitator